Finally, the VOICE In Nigeria enabled ‘push for resilience’ has paid off.

After several meetings with the relevant offices and parastatals of the Ministry of Aviation, right from the Minister’s office, CARE in preparation for the Accessible Aviation Project launch was hosted today by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Aviation, Mr. Abel Olumuyiwa.

Even with accessibility challenges (PS office is on the 1st floor and the elevators don’t work), we broke through and the PS humbly hosted us.

He comfortingly and pleasantly rearranged for a new date next week in an accessible office for an expanded meeting.

Please Voice Team, kindly be on standby to join us for that meeting.

We thank you VOICE team for guiding us well courtesy of our Risk Assessment Matrix and mitigation plans. We’ve broken through the resistance barriers and set to soar.

We love you VOICE.

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