NCPWD Reaches Another Landmark As Aviation Authorities In Nigeria comply with 2018 Disability Law

In another success story following the clamour for improved services
for Persons With Disabilities, the Executive Secretary, National
Commission for Persons with Disabilities, Mr. James David Lalu has
announced a better service delivery to PWDs while they endeavor to
travel by air within and outside Nigeria.

He made this disclosure in Abuja, during a courtesy visit by the Center
for Ability Rehabilitation and Empowerment foundation (CARE) today
Mr. Lalu took time to appreciate the doggedness of the Organization in
restoring hope to PWD air travellers by working tirelessly at the
Disability Desk established at the Airports.

“Today, I celebrate one of our own who, through a bitter experience
turned around the narrative to a positive one” he said.
According to him, CARE deserves an award of excellence for it’s
significant role in delivering better services to persons with disabilities.
The ES also promised to give the maximum support to CARE to
enhance the project. He said some staff including Sign Language
Interpreters of the Commission will be deployed permanently to the
Desk offices to ease the task.

He further pledged that the Commission will procure more motorized
equipments for seamless mobility and boarding of PWDs at Airports.
The Executive Director, CARE Foundations, Dr. Chike Okogwu in his
brief, reeled out Assistive measures put in place by Nigerian Civil
Aviation Authority (NCAA) and Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria
(FAAN) to facilitate special consideration for PWDs traveling by Air.
“PWDs now have VIP seats, reserved car parking spaces at Airports
across the country, “he said.
Chike recounted the experience of Patience Ogolo Dickson, a PWD
who was maltreated by Green Africa airline but, later got full refund
and a written apology from the airline. He equally informed the
meeting that the Consumer Desk is now very active.
“Handlers at the Airports now assist PWDs get on board easily with
their luggage”Okogwu mentioned that OXFAM through their Voice
Project has been providing ambi-lift, surface elevator to aid movement
of Wheelchair users at the Airport.

Another member of the CARE foundation, Miss Ukachi Cynthia, who is
a Person with Albinism, also testified to the improved services toward
PWDs. She stated that Persons with Albinism are immediately
accompanied to a reserved space away from sunlight as soon as they
arrive the Airport.

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